Rude Awakenings: Page Seven

Darwin on Sept. 24, 2009

Another late page this week, I suck! LOL!

Not a lot of dialogue on this page but I don't think it needs it!

Can you tell that Cabal has no qualms about fighting women?? Must be because even the female vampires in his time are out for his head. Chivalry is dead…LOL!

So not he's got her down, what's he going to do with her you think??

Be Milla is wishing she hadn't taken that shot *or perhaps that it was a better shot than she got on him*

Thanks for looking!
This isn't working…I have no back ups and am jumping through my butt trying to get pages out each week. Ten hours of two evenings in class and work off and on throughout the week is not helping me…added to that I'm a procrastinator. Doing the page due the day prior is not working for me.

I am calling a two week Hiatus from all of my Comic Titles so that I can build an archive of pages (hopefully at least two weeks worth per title - which I will then TRY to maintain). I will announce officially when I resume this after my current College classes are complete - once the next two or three weekends are through (hunting, houseboating, and hunting again respectively.)

I HATE that I have to do this to you again so shortly after the last time I did it…but unfortunately it cannot be helped, I am beating myself to death in an effort to maintain a schedule that leaves me little to no time to get things done.

Thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter - yeah stats will suffer - but it was never about stats for me anyway.