32 - 24

dragonsong12 on Dec. 17, 2012

So….we're not quite done with him yet…

Katyn's a bit sick of it all, though. She doesn't want to talk about it, she just wants to go somewhere familiar and relax a bit.

Thanks for reading! Weirdly, this chapter ends here, so it meas I get a little break for the holidays. There will be a filler next week, and a cover the week after, then the new chapter will start. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

And no, I have no idea why TM and FFC keep ending on the same day. You'd think I planned this, but I usually write out the whole script before I start dividing it into pages, so I never have any idea how many pages a chapter will be. Oh well, it worked out well this time. (And yes, I copy-and-pasted the same thing to both, haha!)