Flaberghast on Oct. 10, 2007

this is the cover of the first… installment… of my comic shorts.

Basically, the story is about two kids who live next to each other and their reality is pretty screwed up. And it gets worse, haha. The girl's reality is so deranged that she pretty much creates her own adventures in her head. (I might do more with this later :3 )

So, these are the two main characters, the dude is Apple Core Baltimore and the girl is Lemon Sugar Swirl.
Odd names, no? I told you it was screwed up.

Lemon's imagination is so wild that she has her own best friend, besides Apple. His name is Dave; he's her IMAGINARY UNICORN friend. Apple often refers to him as “Dave the Suicidal Unicorn” because, only being able to talk to Lemon would make ANYONE suicidal.

It's preeettty messed up, if you ask me. And *I* made it. xD

You want to know about Apple? Well, Apple is a hippie. ‘nuff said. Well, he only looks like a hippie but, inside he’s filled with hate of all things that have ever existed. ESPECIALLY Lemon. She knows it but, she still bothers him. xD

He's pretty normal except for his hate and his want to destroy the entire world.