Chapter 1 cover: endangered species

PandaChaosProduction on Aug. 31, 2007

Ladies and Gents, prepare for the brainchild of two very demented friends. This is the space where I will complain about the things I don't like, such as the HANDS ON THIS COVER. *Eats them*

…See you every saturday.

hey there, Hi there, How ya doing? Well hello and welcome to FEP. I'm Jeff, the writer boy for the team, and Im just tickled, hrm..mauve, yeah mauves a good color, I'm tickled mauve to welcome you all to the comic.I do so hope you enjoy the comic, I worked hard to write the script, and jinx has been drawing them up with expert crafting. She's good like that.Anyways, Catch us here every Saturday, same FEP place, same FEP channel!
oh, and go and listen to demolition rickshaw by the aquabats.
It's good music.
Till next timmeeee!