CrazySOB on July 12, 2007

Hello everyone, if you know me this should be a surprise considering all my other comics are on hiatuses. If you do know me this was that third comic I was talking about…roughly 6 months ago. Well, I got off my ass and finished it.

Anyways, there really isn’t any solid plot behind this very short story. It’s whatever you make of it considering…*drum roll* there’s ZERO DIALOGUE. Yup that’s right, I’m trying something different here. I want to see if anyone likes it or will actually get it without reading anything.

Other stuff, I used a crappy program called PhotoImpact 10 and I pretty much solely used my tablet for all the art. I know my background and not updating but, this comic is guaranteed updates 3 days a week, M.W and F.

I hope everyone enjoys it.

Thank you,
Peter O’Donnell.