Chapter 19: Mel vs the Dragon

Allyndn on Jan. 26, 2012

Back at last with new material. I am very excited about this chapter. I sincerely hope you all enjoy it. Title of the chapter is a nod to a book from the Apocrypha which otherwise has nothing to do with this story.

For the time being, updates will be occurring weekly on Thursday.

In other news, this is PAGE 300! When I started doing this comic nearly 2 years ago, it was really just an experiment. Now, it's kind of an obsession. I think it's improved a lot along the way. Join me, if you will, in a toast using whatever locally available beverage you find appropriate (for me, it's a Castle Milk Stout, in case you're wondering). Here's to 300 more. If I can continue improving at the current rate… well, the mind boggles.