[002] Welcome to Art Class

tekitsune on Sept. 3, 2007

Fall semester is now upon us and I've got big pile of art classes this semester. I've got a Figure Drawing class, something that I really need since I'm horrible at things like foreshortening and keeping anatomy in proportion. It'll be tough, but it'll be good. I have an Illustrative Media and Techniques class where we're looking at different mediums and techniques that can be used for illustration. There will be a lot of realism and abstract stuff there. I've got a 3D Design class which is more or less a courtesy thing. I've lived through this one before, but I need it to finish up my Associates degree. Finally, I've got the first part of the Art History class, History of Art To the Renaissance. I prefer this one to the last class, From the Renaissance. I prefer learning about the old style artwork.

It's going to be a fun semester… But beware the art. ;)