Frank and Vinny #something and two part 3

crocty on April 26, 2009

Wow. It's been a while.
I was inspired to update when I saw how many pageviews I'm still getting after not updating.
However I still didn't update…

But now I have! And with big news!
Okay, so my other comic I wanted to start soon, might start soon!
I wrote a bunch of comics down (Not drawn them yet, but they're in a .txt file!) \o/
I even made a comic for it on DD. It has nothing on it yet, but you can go see it tell you it has no pages right here.
I'll probably have it updated in a week or so…I dunno, I wanna find a nice style and colouring style to use~
And even after I update it for the first time, then I'll want a nice long buffer. So I guess a few weeks, if I get my head down. (lol)

I got interviewed in an interview project on DD a while ago. I forgot to post a link in my last update, so here it is

There was something else, but I forgot it, so, umm, yeah!