Chapter Two, Page One

StSean on Oct. 26, 2012

Andres Barrientos was one of the few artists who had made it to the last round of picks and was in a dead heat with Juan Romera until the last minute.  Still when I was trying to get all three books out in under… I think it was six months because my first Comic Con was coming up and I wanted to have the entire first arc ready to go and sell and become famous and blah blah blah the whole My First Comic Con Dream that most of us go there with.  Like my Kickstarter, I've found it needs more tending than just showing up.  To span the gap, Andres was given issue two.

I like Andres' wild perspectives and realistic, gritty style.  He also fit in very well with what I wanted Frater Mine to look like, so for me there's no disconnect between the two artists' styles and my book.

You'll notice that each page has a journal entry by Jake at the bottom.  I gave Andres the wrong dimensions for the pages.  It was my second comic book; shit happened.  So, when I handed the pages over to the letterer (the first letterer, not Ed Brisson), his first words to me were “There's a problem.”  yeah, a two inch blank space problem.  Since there was no more art to be had, the only thing to fill the space with was text.  I believe it works well and gives us insight to Jake's character and what he's trying to do to Matt and Colleen.  

Let me know what you think.

Frater Mine  “Family Reunion”
Chapter Two - “Building the Mystery”
Writer - Sean McGrath
Artist - Andres Barrientos
Letterer - Ed Brisson
Editor/Cover Artist - Scott McGrath

The complete trade paperback of “Family Reunion” is available at IndyPlanet for those of you who cannot wait to see how it ends.  The beginning of the second arc (issues 4 through 8) - “Here, There and Nowhere” - can also be found there for purchase.