freakenburger on Oct. 2, 2009

Mary's view of “romance” is quite distorted, huh? She probably had problems in her childhood, traumas, lots of weird stuff and all to be that much of a sick freak… LOL!

Well, I'd like to drop a few lines here about the 2016 Olympics and crap… It's going to be here in Rio, and I don't think I like that idea. I think it's immoral to spend billions of bucks for no purpose at all in a place where NOTHING works properly or at all, millions still have to walk several miles (kilometers, if you “speak” metric) to get (almost) clean water, almost half the cities don't have hospitals and less than 10% of the population spent 11 years or more in school. Besides all that,there's the violence! It's not how it was described at the New Yorker article (actually I was never robbed, LOL), but it still worries people. The so called “legacy” of these competitions, like improvements in infrastructure, equipments and stuff is fiction. Two weeks after the Pan American Games (2007), the special security operations, extra buses, brand new cop cars and all were pretty much over and destroyed. It was all to make the government LOOK good for everyone, while it was their job to do that WITH OR WITHOUT the games. And all that for some stupid, uneducated morons to play for meaningless medals, which will be paid with the last pennies that come out of my pocket… You arelucky, you won't be dealing with this crap. As I said last year with my olympic rant (probably will do another one), professional sports are ridiculous, meaningless bullshit, and FUCK RIO 2016. I'm going somewhere else during this nonsense, possibly a whore house. At least that is the only place whre people are not charged with some sort of tax…