Chapter 7.24.218

LanceDanger on March 2, 2008

Enjoy that second panel of chibi-Exy, it may be the only timje you'll ever see him like that again in the comic lol XD This is actually an homage to my best friend, who moved to the states a few days ago. In an old notebook where Exorcist was a main character in a story of old, I drew an inadvertadly funny Exorcist, so shocked you could actually see his eyeballs instead of the plain white eyes XD This one's for you, man! XD Hopefully chapter 7 ends next week =D I'm excited about chapter 8, because, without giving much away, the ending to chapter 8 will be a shocker in a way, and will set things in motion for the final chapters of book 1 in an unexpected way =3

Anywho, hope everybody had a great weekend. Got up to speed on my fave comics and on Sunday saw back-to-back Batman and Batman Returns, to this day I love these movies like alittle kid XD Anywho, thank you all for reading, and please look foward to the next update =3

Used Books: Gah, I wish for a tablet myself =( It would be a whole lot easier for me than with the mouse lol At one point, in chapter 4 of this comic, my mouse actually broke, and I was so eager to do the pages, I somehow pulled off coloring the pages, with the mouse broken 0_o The horrors I go through for you guys lol But it's totally worth it, because you all just ROCK =); Popenfresh: Lol yeah, he is a bit on the scary side 0_0; Peipei: I should've sketched him with the “funnybunny” also =3; Slimredninja: Word has it he's still alive, so who knows…..?