dogtopus on Feb. 5, 2006

Hi there! Yeah, I used to do Great Vagueness aroun' here.. and I will! But first I got this to get of me chest. :D It's a comic I've done for the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing in London on the 11th March; the print version may differ a little from the web version (and it'll be bundled with a kickass comic from my genius finnish buddy!), but not a lot. I'm posting here as incentive for me to get it all done soon enough. XD It's 14 pages long, all pencilled, and kinda inked, I'm gonna do the rest of the inks and CG as I go. It'll all be done in 2-3 weeks, so hopefully you web-readers will be in for a fast ride. :D

Big thanks to everyone that helped me out with the script! I've changed it a bit now, haha, suckers! XD But yeah, thanks a lot, you really helped me out. :D So yeah! Cheers. :D

All criticisms would be appreciated; I wana get ths right before I run off to the print shop, so don't hold back y'all.

Whaddya think of the speech bubbles? Do they work without an outline? :/ I dunno! But yeah, next page in a day or so! ~Chikin