Frogman on June 7, 2008

EDIT: Ok, this should be the final version of the page now. If you're seeing an un-toned page with no motion blurs, then try doing a full refresh. Ctrl + Shift + ‘R’ for Firefox users and I think it's Ctrl + F5 for Internet Explorer. Drunkduck's image server likes to play mindgames.

Now, I've tried to approach Frogman with a sense of realism, but I'm not sure if that shines through so much in this page. If I was in this situation, I'd try the same thing, but probably end up being shot. I think I'll just chalk it down to luck that neither of the guns went off. It's supposed to be all Steve's mad karate skillz, but if it makes you feel better feel free to tell yourself his superpowers are emerging slightly.

And speaking of realism, when I wrote the page I actually walked myself through the fight to get a sense of how it should move.

Also, if you don't read Ultimate X, you probably don't know that I have a book for sale at Lulu.