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vilani on Feb. 14, 2007

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“From Myself” is a story that examine our innermost secrets and hidden desires. Here, two female friends share at night the passion that connects them both, but once the day wakes up again, they must pretend what they aren't, since the others won't accept the real “me”. Away from the reality, everyone dreams high about what makes them happy in life, but not all dreams and desires are accepted so purely. This manga reflects the emotional condition of humanity in its moment of interaction with others; a social critique, that nowadays is the most needed.
Love needs no ago, time, race, religion. So, why gender?

Characters: Abe (the honey haired one) and Lena (the blue-red haired one), both copyright to Vilani Vila.

Poem: This poem is clearly homosexual. From a woman to another woman, it speaks about that love that each of them fell for the other, but they must hide it from the society. There is a big reference and a game about the elements of the night and the day - it's possible to see the night and the darkness which are the dream and the moment that they are what they truly are; through this darkness, only both are awake and can see each other, while the society sleeps. In the other side, when the sun comes out again, they must forget this dream and become someone else, because this light shows who harsh, cruel and painful the society and the reality are when it comes to accept this love they have for each other.
It's a critique to the society and world we live in, which accepts love between races, religions, ages, but it can't still accept the one between two women or two men. A critique to the society that even today excludes those who are themselves and even despises them.

The kisses
The touch
The desire
Her skin
Her lips
I want her

The smell
The pleasure
The passion
Her messed hair
Her salty sweat
I need her

Far away from the reality, we are what we are. We smile when we need to, we cry when we have to. With no make up or mask covering our true essence, we are naked in each other's eyes.

Her breath
Her curves
Her whole being
Which i wish could belong to me

Nobody can reach us here. Our little world, far away from any harm and pain. We are two free birds who fly freely in the blue of the skies. Our only wish is never to wake up and be like this forever.

The darkness fading
The birds singing again
The city noises coming back
I wish the time could not pass.

And when the sun comes out again, we put our make up and forget who we were that night

The desire which tries to fight back
The warm of her skin crawling back to me
Her soft tongue on the nape of my neck

But that bright light takes us back to the reality. We must fight the so strong desire, in order to remain lucid. Because that light reminds us of the real world, of the cold truth we have to accept.

And it hurts.
Because the world isn't capable of understanding you and me
who become one whenever we dream.

Love can transcend time
But it can't transcend the painful reality of life.

From the never yours…