+Gadget Apocalypse cover v.1.0+

Catya on Nov. 30, 2011

Why v.1.0? because I don't like the font and will re-upload/change it when I make a new font.Anyways, it's a new comic that will be coming out in 2012, I got way too much on my plate right now to start a new comic, so it'll have to wait for now.I didn't have an old idea for this, or inspiration, i actually dreamt that I made an apocalypse comic of Inspector Gadget, and when I woke up, i had to sketch down as much as possible and the ideas just kept growing. I still remember everything.

Inspector Gadget © DIC Entertainment

Art © Me
Tools used: Aquarell paper, watercolors, aquarell pencils and paint, and ink.
I'll change this cover when the comic starts in 2012. In the meantime, I'll post sketches.