143-2: Yearbook 2012 - Part 2

Xiam on May 23, 2012

I was tempted to add Edy in here (she wasn't in the last yearbook because she came in kinda late in the year), but I honestly don't know HER last name either.

Oh, speaking of which - for those who haven't realized yet, yeah, “Johnson” isn't Gary's name. It was meant to be a joke for Friday's comic (still will), but I think I forgot that we have to wait four days for the punchline. Guh.

I still haven't fully decided Gary's last name, but I know that he does share a surname with a famous alchemist.

I mean, really. “Gary Johnson” is a terrible name for an alchemist.

Anyway, I guess that's all I have for now. Was going to mention something about Lizzie, but it's better if you notice on your own.


(Anyone else notice that that guy with the striped shirt wears the exact same shirt every Yearbook Photo Day? For that matter, so does Gary and Neilix… weird…)