117. Mom's Answers

usedbooks on Sept. 26, 2011

This one was sitting in my head for a couple weeks. I decided I had to draw it even though I am really behind on my other comicking tasks.
Fyi, I am the daughter of a biology teacher and a physics teacher. When I asked questions as a child, I didn't get just answers. I got PBS specials. I remember movies like “The Miracle of Life” and an astounding collection of books. My dad could tell me why the sky was blue. My mom could tell me how catepillars became butterflies. And I asked a lot of questions. Mom said I was a member of the “Y” generation because it was always “Why do cats clean themselves so much?” “Why are my eyes blue?” “Why do balloons go up?” “Why does paper fall slower than pencils?” You get the idea. I was an annoying little kid.
In middle school, I wrote an award winner short-story about a little girl who questioned everything around her. Unlike my experience, her mom made up stories about monsters and fairies and other whimsical sources of the universe's mysteries. (It was called “The Wrinkled Toes Fairy and the Sock Monster.” ) I wish I could find that story again.
Enough ramblings for today. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry again for the rough art. It's the only way I can get these things drawn. :P