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Athorist on May 30, 2010

Here it is, after a long struggle to get the last two panels at least tolerable. Man do I hate closeup shots sometimes.
anyway, inside the clinic, nice and bright, also meet M.E.I (Medical Emergency Interface), an AI installed on-board clinics over the Gigaris colonies to take care of most urgent emergencies while waiting for doctors and nurses in understaffed medical facilities.

M.E.I has several medical stations with robot hands and some sensors to scan and estimate patient condition and urgency of care, glue up wounds to certain severity etc. Also she has sophisticated personality matrix that is a direct result of small memory error allocating more storage capacity for it each year, which self repairing software “fixes” by assigning emotional attachments and motivations to everyday actions.

I'll try to muster up a cover art and icon this week for the comic.