Mr. Renfield

reboundcomic on March 21, 2008

So this is a brand new project, very different from my usual strip REBOUND. I am a compulsive sketcher and doodler as well as someone who loves to write. I realized I could combine both. I will take some random drawings and sketches and add prose to them. Some will be serious, some will attempt to be funny and a lot will be weird.

The Rules: There really are no rules. I find a sketch or doodle and write a narrative about it. Whenever possible I will try to find a sketch or drawing that had no back story or planning.

This was drawn free hand on the back of an envelope in marker. The envelope sat on my desk for several weeks and contained a ton of drawings, as well as notes, phone numbers and other info. I had to photoshop out all of other item. See insert for what the art looked like before I cleaned it up.

As always I enourage, and even crave, critique, suggestions and with something like this, maybe even submissions of your own.