Go to Hell!

DarkChibiShadow on Feb. 1, 2010

My nickname for this comic is Gay Demon Lawyers…

This comic was not originally intended to be brought over to DD from DA, but by request I'm also posting it here.

It will probably only be the 1st chapter of this series, due to the fact that I want to sell some books of it. We'll see how things play out.

There will be a lot that will only be available by buying the book.

Understand that this is a work in progress and I will post as soon as I can when the book is available!

I hope you'll support me!

I'll update this when I have time, this is also my first harem.

Basic Plot
An average guy is suddenly pulled into hell by a demon named Oriax, he finds out he is now trapped in hell. He's even more shocked to find out the only way back to earth is to- MARRY A DEMON?