[579] Revelations: Alliances

Aussie_kid on Jan. 4, 2009

Oh my God! It's an update. Sorry about that guys but I've been really busy getting the manga version of Fatum Chronicles ready. I should be able to give you guys some character designs by next week.

Also, at the end of this week, it will be three years since GG began. Months ago I was hoping to speed up the updates so that page 600 would be on the same day as the 3 year anniversary, which will be the 10th (This Saturday).

Anyway, guest comics will be great, as I'll also be able to build up a buffer. However, if you'd prefer to enjoy a comic of mine that actually updates, check out Living With Insanity. Sorry about playing favourites, but I just love drawing my stuff more than doing sprites at the moment.

Seeya on either Wednesday or Friday (There will eb another update this week).

Until next time
The Aussie Kid