Title Page

Demeter on Dec. 24, 2006

This is some fanart done by my best friend, Virote's creator. It was her christmas gift, and as I wasn't feeling well christmas eve, I decided to have this as the 50th update. Now it is the title page. w00t.

All the major cast members- as of when this was posted- are shown here, as well as Arif. The ones that haven't entered yet aren't entirely accurate, but for most of them the general feel is right (except for the guy in the upper right. He looks very little like he ever will in the comic. So now you must wonder who the bleep he is). The elbow is a major-cast NPC (a cohort) that she didn't have room to draw. So you're going to have to wonder what he'll look like, too. and how to recognize him when he shows up. mwahahaha.