African Faith

CartoonistWill on Sept. 22, 2017

Not sure if this counts as a Gospelman comic strip or not but…

This was from an idea I got while sitting in church. I can't remember what was being preached, but the preacher mentioned a man who, living with nothing but some clothes and a Bible in a mud hut as the leader of his village, visited America and was glad to leave as he feared the comforts here would cause him to not have to trust so heavily in the Lord. We believers in America and other 1st world countries have it easy most of the time. Those who live in 3rd world countries, etc, know what faith is. They have to trust in God every day even for the things we take for granted like food, shelter, and safety. And their relationship with Jesus Christ is even stronger because of it.

And, oh yeah, that's supposed to be me on the left. Look at me. All smug and American. How dare I, lol.

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