Green Flamingoes v.2.0

AnqeiicDemise on Aug. 14, 2008

Green Flamingoes is a comic strip I started in 2002 and just stopped drawing. I got frustrated with my artistic disabilities and just… fell into this ubber depression that stuck around until 2005. By that point I had moved away from my friends (those that the strip was based off of) and the college background that had inspired the strip in the first place.

I also stopped talking to the person Dee was based off (far right hand corner) due to a fall out and decided to just forget about GF altogether.

Its been almost three years since then and the air between Dee and I have been cleared. It was her request I draw the girls again. Recently I've been sketching Cali (far left) along with Greg (not pictured) as they're the representations of my hubs and me. Its made me want to start the strip again in a new setting with same old characters but different circumstances.

- Demise