Ch 1, Page 1

saikiyo on April 20, 2013

Panel 1:
*Water sounds..Sploosh sploosh?*
Panel 2:
*More water sounds.. Trickle trickle?*
Panel 3:
Shade: “Dad?”Grim: “…!…Huh? Shade?”
Panel 3:
Grim: “Shade, it's dangerous on the outskirts, you should go back to Dark.”Shade: “Dad, I've been thinking. You know how you told me everything has a sliver lining?”
Panel 3:
Grim: “Yeah, everything has it's ups and downs.”
Panel 3:
Shade: “Maybe those monsters…”
Panel 4:
Shade: “…Aren't all evil?”*Thunk…Slash*