Chapter 1 Page 1

Oshouki on Dec. 25, 2007

Hey! First page.

Please keep in mind that I drew this comic with printing in mind and to be read from left to right. This page appears on the right as page 1. Don't know why I mentioned it…. I guess its for the manga readers out there.

synopsis (for those who don't already know):
Because of the fallen White Dragon's eye transplanted into her left socket, Iris has an enhanced killer instinct, making her the top assassin in the dark, future world run by gangsters. But when her master and employer becomes fearful of her growing powers, he orders the extraction of the eye and her death. The operation fails. The eye is only partially removed when the separation of eye and owner triggers a bezerker rage that renders everyone around her dead. She awakens, with eye intact, surrounded by the carnage, with amnesia. Thus begins her journey to rediscover the truth, while the dragon's persona and hers slowly merges into one again.