Out Cold

Marche on Jan. 19, 2008

First of all, this is a serious comic. No intended humor in it with an exceptional pun or two along the way.

Secondly, you should play half life 2 episode 2 before you view this although its entirely up to you.

Thirdly, I accept suggestions and comments just dont bash me in any way and keep the discussion clean.

Alright then. This story takes place shortly after Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance leave the train wreck site. It follows the story of the guy thats knocked out there in the comic. Of course the first doesnt really focus on him, but thats because hes out cold. Why hes there and why he blacked out will be revealed later…maybe. I really dont plan anything before I make my comics. I just make them up as I go.

If you've heard of Garrys Mod, be aware I'm using Garrys Mod 07 which was just released about a week ago. Unless you have gmod 10 and the Orange Box you cannot get the hunter or the map I used for this first comic. By the way, hunters will be seen alot. Why? Well if you see them in action you can see they have a good array of attacks and are THE COOLEST ENEMY EVER. Of course thats my opinion.

Now, you may also have heard of Concerned the comic dealing with half life 2 that actually finished. (wow.) As for my comics, never really hit 10 comics. Its probobly due to I'm a serious guy and I've been doing humorous comics…not good. (Sorry, but I'm gonna keep on blabbing for a few more paragraphs. I really have alot to say.)

If you've seen my other comic MarioSonicZelda Adventures, it has about 10% chance of making a comeback. Not that good. Thats enough about that though.

Most of the charecters are live spawns, which mean I spawned htem and they move around on their own. As EVERYONE knows in first person shooter games, the enemys and friends move on their own. *duh* Well, in Gmod you can make those which are live spawns and act like they were programmed to. There are also ragdolls which just lay there and you can pose them.

I got very lucky with panel five. One of my favorite moves is when the hunter stabs someone with its…stabber things. Only for 2 seconds can you catch a shot of a hunter stabbing someone. I got lucky when I caught a good shot while it kiled the guy. Both were live spawns too. The bad thing is when live spawns die you cant move them or anything. That brings us to the final rant point.

Panel 7 was very annoying. The hunter charged and I got the shot 1 second before all three died. I couldnt move them. So then I couldnt snap any shots near their dead bodys or it would seem like they died. Thankfully I was prepared and had made backups, so I popped them in and finished the comic.

Thats all…long rant. Done now. Thanks for reading. Second coming some other time. Yep…