Chapter1 Page9

Joneko on Sept. 12, 2009

I may have found a balance now. Go figure that when I cut down Bristol board to the appropriate 8x10 size for a page to avoid that nasty warping issue I had with computer paper, I didn't need to use watercolors.

Good thing about it, though, is that cutting down the bristol sheets leaves scraps the perfect size for bookmarks, so I'll be making one each time I make a new page. Any suggestions for what you'd want to see? Once they're completed, they would be for sale.

So last page uploaded got a whopping 290 hits the day-of. What the heck, guys? That's *amazing*! Thank you so, so much. I guess we'll see if that was a fluke or a trend with this one, huh? Either way, I give a big digital hug to anyone who checks this out.

Also, RealScott has become rather infatuated with the whole Ustreaming thing, so keep your eyes on the channel: