Chp 3 pg 7

Toshi on March 10, 2010

Hi everyone!
Its been one heck of a week. Have you ever gotten to the end of the week and just thought to yourself, ‘man… how the heck did I survive that?’ Well, thats been happening A LOT for me lately xD! im working so hard and running around so much that my hands cramp up and shut themselves tight for several minutes upon end. Its a really helpless feeling. I've had to shower with one hand for the past few weeks. Its a good thing that I finished a lot of comics in advance cuz there's absolutely NO WAY I'm in the shape to be doing comics right now. Anyways, thats enough complaining from me. The sun is setting right now and its really a site to see. I wish I could paint cuz I'd love to capture this scene. We've got to appreciate the little things in life. Otherwise, why the heck are we struggling everyday? Enjoy the rest of the day everyone and I'll see ya Saturday!