Prologue - iv

XeaRi on Nov. 23, 2008

Finally, a page! This has actually been drawn for some time now. Took us a while to figure out FortunaGrid's computer in terms of toning, but we has it now!

I toned the backgrounds. I felt the page was too blank, too white. It still looks like that, even though I feel like I overdid the tones…

Also, SO MUCH TEXT ARGH. The flow of this page bothers me because it goes in an S. The middle row goes left to right… bleh. It was supposed to be more obvious, but I ran out of space or something. I can't even remember anymore.

Kent has a cancer shirt! xD The cancer shirt is a bit of an inside joke. I drew the hearts, which are actually in front of him, but it looked like they were on his shirt. I sort of amended that by giving them shadows.

Look, dying people!