Happy Landings

HappyLandings on Aug. 30, 2011


Welcome to the very first page of what I hope to be one of the greatest works I've ever done. I've had plans to work on this comic since the summer of 2007, and indeed I'd put out an ascan comic of the very first story at that time. Since then, however, I let it fall on the wayside while I worked on more important projects that were meant to assist the local comic fan community in my home town of El Paso.

Over time, though, I kept mentally going back to the story I intended to write for Happy Landings. Even though I wasn't working on it, I always came up with new ideas. Ideas which I will now,
hopefully, finally put on paper to share with you all.

In writing this story, I want to let you all know that I'm not a hopeful. I don't think writing this comic will get me discovered, or loved, or appreciated as a writer or artist. The only reason I'm writing this story is because I feel it needs to be written. What will eventually come from this story is all of my innermost thoughts and worries.

All my love. All my hate. Every lesson I've learned in life. With that said I hope that as
strips become live you will still enjoy them, and share along with me all I've come to know just from living life.

Mike Cervantes