Have A Gothy Day Cover

Rick Fury on Dec. 12, 2008

– The Official Cover Of The Breakthrough Webcomic Have A Gothy Day!.

– I Had Always Planned On Doing An Official Cover But Never Got Around To It Until We Joined The Site.

– This Took 2 Days To Draw And A Whole Day To Color, And Both Huero And I Are VERY Happy With How It Came Out…Well, im Not Exactly Happy With How Sye Came Out, But Sunny And Gaby Came Out Way Better Than I Expected.

– Funny Story: At Work I Was Inking Up The Page And The Manager Steve And 2 Other Managers Notice And Come Up To Look…So While Looking At It And Belting Out Praise He See's The Girls and Practically Yells Out “Oh My God He Can Draw Boobs!…And they're Not Even Pointy!” And He's Like In His Late 20's/Early 30's….Always Glad To Know I Can Impress With My Awesome Boob Drawing Abilities.

– Huero's Original Idea For Angst Was To Have His Back Turned, Like He Didnt want To Be There, But I Think Its Better To Showcase The Characters…The Big Sign Was What I ended Up Settling On…

– The Two Taglines Are Hueros Creation, They Were The Best And We Couldnt Decide Which To Use So He Suggested them Both.

– Enjoy!

– And Have A Gothy Day.