Have A Gothy Day Page 23

Rick Fury on June 26, 2010

– This Takes Place After The Dinner, Gaby's Daydreaming About The New Love Of Her Life, And Gary's Doing His Brotherly Duty By Beating The Crap Out Of The Guy Who Broke Her Heart, And Since They're Twins Her Sorrow Fed His Rage Especially Well.

– A Major Upgrade To Her Room Than In The Last Comic, Now It Looks Like Someone Actually Lives In It!, The Painting Supplies And The Paintings Are A Reference To Huero :iconthejinxedone: And The Flyers For School And Poetry Things Are Further Insight To Her Hobbies.

– I Think that Painting Of The Lady Is Supposed To Be Either Her Mom When She Was Her Age…Or Joan Jett…

– Enjoy!.

– And Have A Gothy Day!.

– Have A Gothy Day: Concept And Characters Are Owned By Rick Gibson And Jim Marquez.