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Sketa on Nov. 25, 2007

this is basically a temp filler until i get all the preps ready, once done i'll be starting this here story, might be with a bang or a boom or a squash… or kweh?

anyway once it starts it should update about once a week or so, i'll update you on script, sketch and comic - the style will be an addaptation of manga in my own right

on top of that the story will be… interesting to say the least, if i get half my ideas in it it should be quite interesting, also on Dead Jess days there will be replacement comics, either by me or whoever i can get to make one.

that's all i guess… erm yes you in the back?

“where's the free pizza?!”

… shut up jessie >_>

next Comic upload Status (dec 10th)
Prologue frontpage = 100%
Prologue Page 1 = 100%
Prologue page 2 = 60%

Edit, i'm a big softie, i really am so tomorrow my time you'll have the real front page AND the first page of the story, with any luck you should have page 2 of the prologue monday, and from then on this comic will update on a monday schedule