Just fine

Simon on March 10, 2007

100 strips.

There we go guys. Hearts and Nails is over. Wow. Thanks heaps to all you guys, the readers. You all helped more than you think!

The comic was based on raw emotion and whatnot, and as I move on that goes and the comic wouldn't be the same. This is me moving on. Don't be sad, BE HAPPY! My comic days are far from over so I'm not gone. This isn't the end at all, but the beginning. AHHHH! wasn't that disgusting, I'm so sorry.

So, well it's done I guess. Who knows what will happen now. At first I was terrified of being alone like this, but now it is exciting. I still miss her of course. You don't just get over someone you loved, you just put it away as a great memory. We had a wonderful time together and I thank her for that. It was probably the best year of my life and it can only get better from here.

So thanks again to all of you. Thanks to Jack Vening for helping me out every once and a while, and any of my friends I annoyed by being sad and mopey around them.

Cya Guys.

~ Simon Cottee