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Bowdy on Jan. 5, 2008

And the Kinslayer was born!!

So, what did I learn through this piece?

-Detail wins and is worth the effort
-Need to practice combat drawings
-LARPS makes for awesome stories!!

Many Thanks to everyone who played in any of the adventures leading up to that one (which was a lot of people) but especially Dan who reffed it and gave me many shineys! Also, even though he killed my favourite character I think having to put up with me going on and on about the project all week and actually encouraging me to get on with it Casper gets extra credits!

Also, merci again to James Ellis; check out The Carter Manoeuvre here; and on MySpace-“Her Secret World” is currently being re-worked, but if enough people bug them the FIOTO version may get put up for a few days…maybe?!

Thanks for reading, and feedback is most definately welcome! (you can send some to if you're not a DD member!)