HA #9 Page 20 by sux

Abt_Nihil on Oct. 1, 2014

Artwork by sux, without whom we wouldn't even have this chapter, since he also wrote the first draft of what would later become this second act! Lettering by ironhand.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Also, in case you missed this announcement last week: CDMalcolm would like to use some HA/HUniverse characters in an upcoming story of his, and as it turns out, it can be tough to get replies to requests for specific character usage in the forums (probably both due to fewer people frequenting dd nowadays, as well as the sprawling forum). So what I'd ask of you is, if you have submitted a character, please specify which of the following applies for your character and post it in this forum thread:

-“Auto” = You can use my character anytime, even if I'm not available for feedback on specific usage (characters will always be used respectfully and in the spirit of how they have been established - no killing off characters, of course).
-“Semi-auto” = Character usage is always allowed, but details of usage must be ok'd by creator first.
-“Hold” = I am quite protective of my character and may NOT want them involved in some stories. Always ask me first!

Also, please make sure to include contact information in case you don't check your PQs regularly.