dd Awards '14 Acceptance Speech

Abt_Nihil on Sept. 18, 2014

HA has been nominated for “best community project” each year since 2010, so fukujinzuke, Hero and myself actually prepared this strip back then – and now we can finally post it!! Thanks to all of you for contributing to and/or supporting HA, to all readers who voted for it, and to the jury!

Also, Sebastian Sandberg asks if he can get permission to use some HA characters in a Virtus issue. In his own words:
“I'm currently working on the first five issues of what I hope will become a continuing series starring Virtus (the black/red guy in HA #1-2 and #4) and I'm planning a massive panel with silent cameos from as many of my comic compatriots's characters as possible. I don't consider HU/HA canon to my storyline, but I still consider all those people I worked with to launch the series as old friends I want to treat to a non-canon yet possibly prophetic cameo. Note: To give myself some borders to work with, only characters from HA #1, 2, 4 and 6 will be accepted.”
So, if one of your characters appeared in these issues and you'd like to see them make an appearance on Virtus: speak up! :)