June Challenge School of Heroes by Fukujinzuke

Macattack on June 2, 2012

Every now and then I get an entry which makes me fall out of my seat and laugh/be amazed. And more often than not these entries are made by Fukujinzuke. This month is no exception.
SO! We have the Preschoolers with little Wireless and mean old Vora (cute ;) )
We have Plot Twist showing off his grades to Hellfire (I don't think Hellfire's gonna need Darkness to become paranoid and violent this time)
and Finally we have a young Nemesis about to have his head kicked off by Dasien (I know he can mimic powers but I think at this point Dasien wouldn't even care…)
Do you know what's missing from HA Monthly Mayhem??? YOU! Be sure to enter this month's Monthly Mayhem as we send all sorts of heroes and villains back through school!