HoD 3 and Friends - Rocket Fighter:ORIGINS Part C

Pure Rock Casey on Nov. 12, 2007

Ok sorry this one is late but it is triple size so all you people hanging out to find out Squab's origin story can breathe easy now. Sit back and enjoy the final installment of Rocket Fighter:ORIGINS.

A lot of you may be wondering ‘where to from here?’ How will I top this amazing story - well coming up will be some all new thrilling tales such as ‘Ram on a Shrubbery from Argentina’ and ‘Galactic Gas Chambers’. Also be on the look out for more HoD 3 and of course the 50th episode is coming up very soon. I've got a very special treat in store, make sure you're here for what will be THE MOST EXCITING COMIC IN THE WORLD EVER!