#7 Hollow Bastion - Cloud Nine After Dark Page 2

Riku on Oct. 8, 2006

Hey guys.. Alright. This is leath. :3 He's cute.
Anyhow few things to address.
I got a bit of a crit on my story on one of my comments (and I love crit so crit away). I am just trying to point out, try not to say you dont like my story till I get to at least 20 pages or so I dont like people judging it on less then 6 pages of prologue… (20 pages being approximately the drunk duck minimum for the reviews section of the forums. I may aswell follow the standard)

Other stuff. =D
DO NOT TRY TO CORRECT ME WITH THE NAME RADIENT GARDEN! This is my comic. My story. My characters.
There's a reason I named it Hollow Bastion and not Radient Garden. AND THIS IS ME PUTTING IT THE -NICE- WAY! D<