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Peppy on April 17, 2007

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Let me introduce you to the characters

The girl's name is Psycick
The fox's name is Lava
The cat's name is Royal

It may be awhile before I ink my comic pages are color them I have another page that i'm going to scan later to

Just incase you can't read it here is what they say

1st panel
Psycick: This world seems to be growing more violent each day

2nd panel
Psycick: And since my crystal runs on world energy it may go dead… and that means that I would be blind once again

3rd panel
Psycick: But I won't let that happen

4th panel
Psycick: Never will I let that happen

5th panel
In a cave not that far away

6th panel
Lava: One time I tried to eat my fingers and they tasted like soup
Royal: What the crap

I hope I don't have to do that for the next comic XDDDDD
The comic is not read like Japanese mangas Except for the 6th panel that is XDDDDD

Hope you like my comic!