Games Women Play

Rori on June 26, 2008

Why, it's Friday, not Monday, why the update? Because it's the one year anniversary of the Strip! Whoohoo! Kinda sad, though, I'd had hoped to get 25 pages in before a year, I have 17, I think (actual content pages). And though I just got going again, like a backseat hj interrupted by the Fuzz, I may leave you unfulfilled, for the time being. I need to work on the nitty-gritty of the strip.

When I started doing this, it was pretty much a whim, now I have all these story arcs I need to fit together in some sane way. Also, when I started doing this, I drew it at work, so drawing the thing on 8.5x11 computer paper made sense. I'm really tired of doing that now, I'd rather draw bigger at a drawing table than on the couch with a Fashion Illustration book as a table.

So, enjoy. I think this may be my fave so far, I've been waiting to draw it forever. It may be a bit, but the strip has much, much more in store. Thanks to all who comment. You guys are tits!

IMPORTANT: I'm currently plotting out several months of hipsters. I'm not going to start posting until I KNOW I'm able to post every week. Hopefully that will be sooner than later. Thanks to all who stick with me.