sadTakara on Oct. 13, 2009

I've had this page ready for sooo long. But on the 10th I took my SAT's for the first time, and I was tiiired. So I spent my whole weekend listening to Nirvana x.x

And then today my dog bit me on the wrist (yeah, the part where your vein is really exposed) so now it hurts to type and I can't move it a certain way. Hopefully it'll get better.

My scanners acting weird today, so I won't have an update for Blue. x__x I'm going to try again tomorrow. Argh. I wanna be able to update but this whole college process. And I'm also doing the Young Arts Competition. Wish me luck, cause these days I'm going crazy x___x

I hope you all enjoy this page. I really liked how it came out, my scanner dulls the color though. If only I could show you all the pages in person.

I hope everyone is well, and I'm sorry for not updating as much. As soon as all this college stuff is over with, I promise to work harder.