Recipie: Tomato Capocollo Tortellini in Pesto

kingofsnake on May 11, 2008

Its been a while since I've updated this site. But like everything else I do, nothing is ever dead permanently. Until I can manage the time to start going back to the gym (which I desperately need to do.) I'll start posting recipies here as I make them. I usually end up cooking something on a whim. Today I just needed a break from coding my website to chill out. I spent all weekend coding and didn't make much progress, which is frustrating, it's like I kept going to work all weekend long. My friend Becky (as in C@P Becky) has started a new blog called “Becky's blog for kids who can't cook good” as soon as I have a url I'll post up a link. If anyone has any questions or suggestions to improve this dish I'd love to hear them!