I Miss You~Mere~ Page 01

Keily Shinra on Sept. 19, 2009

The first page~!

Well, lets get to explaining…this is in honor of the tenth year anniversary (which was actually a few years ago)of when my obsession with FF7 was born.

Well, one day some time in 2006, I got nostalgic and ended up playing FF7 yet again for the 1000000000th time after not touching my PS2 for a long, long time. And I began to remember my internet roots and such. I remembered my first Sue (something I'm not exactly too proud of), my first internet husband (Vincent Valentine XD it was quite fashionable at the time to be married, y'know) and the first message board I ever posted at. I've learned a lot since then…grown up a lot. ^^ But I never could have gotten here if it weren't for three very special guys. They being Sephiroth, Rufus and Vincent.

There will be four parts to ‘I Miss You’. Each part gives a little insight as to how my relationship with each character changes (or, in some cases, never changes). The first one is about my relationship with Sephiroth. The full name of this is called ‘I Honestly Love You ~Mere~’.

Somehow I thought the song was appropriately sweet, so I put that into the title. As for ‘Mere’, the French word for ‘Mother’, was put there because of how the ties between Sephiroth and I evolved as well as his issues with Jenova. ^^ When I was young I envisioned Sephiroth as someone as a relative, rather than as a love interest as most were wont to do. As I grew older, my sentiments about him slowly changed, yet remained exactly the same, which totally explains the title ‘I Honestly Love You’. Even if he were my brother, cousins, father–whatever, that sentiment of love will always be there. At this point in time though, I'm more of a mother when it comes to Sephiroth than anything else. ^^

I hate this pic so much though. There's nothing particular that I like about it. Although, it gives the childish imagery enough, I think…

Well, I take it back. I do like something about this page. I like the first panel. ^^