#7-Phone Assassins Part 1

_CJR_ on Sept. 8, 2010

Yawn* I know I know. Delays as always. Between final preparation for my wedding next week (gulp) and starting my final kitchen term of school, I have been pretty tied up.

This new term in kitchen is brutal. Fused my class of 6 with a larger class of people I can't stand. Somehow I'll survive…not much else to do at this point. All in all I come home drained.

So here's the idea. I spend all week drawing, do the computer work on the weekends and update either sunday or monday. Gives me plenty of time for my other projects!

Speaking of which. I probably wont get around to it until after the wedding but I will be launching two new comics to run on top of this one. Funny Business and The L.O.A.D so keep your eyes peeled for those before the month is out. I will also be attempting to revamp IMAS. I got a great idea just might take some extra work reuploading everything.

I am also apparently going to be the “graphics administrator” for a friend of mines forum. I say the title is a load of crap to sucker me in but whatever. More on that when I find out more on that.

Hopefully my next update with part 2 is on time. Part 2 isn't long so should be possible. Then again being so close to the wedding I could be distracted.

Cheers…to the ol' ball and chain.