Chapter Four: Page Eighteen

MagickLorelai on July 30, 2009

Let me tell you, internetz, I don't know where the time goes. It's already FRIDAY, and I haven't updated since MONDAY. Woah.

And now that it IS Friday, I'm updating in the middle of the day for me, early evening for you East-Coasters in the U.S. Phew!


G D: Thanks for rating. :)

Leodrake: No kidding! They'd need a boat!

Serkunet: A consort is a fancy word for “Person this high-important-figure dates/loves/”Does it with“. It's usually used only for people with important titles, like Prince, King, Emperor, or mostly, Gods.

Man in black: XD My thoughts exactly.

SarahN: It's an extremely uncomfortable love triangle, especially if you're Almarina. We're also still barely scratching the surface as to what makes Elf!Uriel (and, by extension, Vampire!Uriel) tick. But yes, he's an emotional guy.

Teenimeeni: Hi! :D Glad to see you back here on DD, though I've appreciated your comments over at deviantArt, too. ^^ Yeah, that's probably the key difference in his mood swings now. Also: See my answer to serkunet regarding ”consort". ^^