Viewtiful Jason on Oct. 10, 2006

Ok, I got some explaining to do.

I KNOW this is 3 months late.

Things in my life havn't been going good for the last few months, and things are finaly getting better.

I've had to restart this comic over FIFTEEN TIMES!


Bitch-ass-PMSing-brother goes on my computer while I'm not home and deletes alot of my stuff. I've lost many request type of things because of him too.

It's gotten to the point where I just gave Jason what I had, and let him finish the page.

The next comic will be up soon, as this comic was actualy split into 2 smaller comics. The one after that will not be up as soon, as we are currently having writters block.

Though I will be starting my own comic soon. O3O

(Note: This post was origenaly much longer, but I desided to summerize it.)