DD Mafia image 1

pokketmonstahhuntah on June 24, 2011

Yeah, so, at the last second, I got to join the newest Maffia game at the Drunk Duck forums. There's this option to be voted for as Dungeon Master, so I decided to make a campaign-poster.

This is the topic, if you're interested:

Below is my campaign-pitch:
(lots'a puns)

I have traveled over all the regions of the world.
I have stopped legends in their path.
I have led armies, trembling the earth!

All I wanted was 2BA mastah…

I just want to say one thing:

Don't believe in yourself…
Believe in me, who believes in you!
Mine is a drill that has pierced the heavens!

So vote for me!
The weak will die so that the strong prevail!
Then, and only then, true power will rise!